MPPC® for automotive LiDAR
having high sensitivity in near infrared region at 905 nm


S15639-1325PS is a MPPC having high sensitivity in near infrared region for automotive LiDAR.

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by irradiating a laser light on objects and receiving the light reflected back with a photosensor.

Generally, the laser light having peak emission of near infrared (905 nm) is used for LiDAR. In case of measuring for a long distance accurately, high near infrared sensitivity and low afterpulse are required for the photosensors.

Newly released S15639-1325PS has realized high photon detection efficiency (9%) at near infrared region, and low afterpulse (1% max.).

[ Features ]

・High photon detection efficiency: 9% (λ=905 nm)

・Low afterpulse probability: 1% max.

・Wide dynamic range

・Low crosstalk


Photon detection efficiency vs. wavelength (typical example)

Afterpulse probability vs. overvoltage (typical example)

Linearity (typical example)


Type no. NEW S15639-1325PS Unit
Operating temperature -40 to +105
Storage temperature -40 to +125
Effective photosensitive area 1.3 × 1.1 mm
Pixel pitch 25 μm
Number of pixels 2120 -
Photon detection efficiency (λ=905 nm)  9 typ. %
Breakdown voltage  42  typ. V
Gain  1.3 × 106 typ. -

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Hamamatsu offers a variety of devices for LiDAR, including pulsed laser diodes as light sources and Si APDs, InGaAs APDs, and MPPCs (SiPMs) as photosensors. 


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