Hamamatsu and KiKo Knowledge Hub Join Inspirata’s Initiative to Offer a Free Remote Pathology Solution for Healthcare Institutions Affected by COVID-19


Inspirata gains strategic support in its initiative to allow pathology departments across the world to offer work-from-home opportunities for their pathologists during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Tampa, FL | April 2, 2020 – Cancer informatics and digital pathology solution provider Inspirata announced earlier this week its free remote pathology initiative, available to healthcare institutions looking to provide flexibility to their staff during COVID-19. In an important boost to this campaign, Inspirata is now joined by two industry partners, Hamamatsu and KiKo, Knowledge in Knowledge out.

Hamamatsu will provide its high-quality research use only (RUO) Whole Slide Image (WSI) scanner, Nanozoomer to scan glass slides submitted by institutions for research and secondary consults. This device will not be used for any primary human diagnosis.

The founders of KiKo knowledge hub, a knowledge sharing platform for pathologists and other physicians, will leverage their pathology practitioners’ expertise to ensure successful scanning and processing of all received pathology slides.

Inspirata will continue to offer its comprehensive pathology workflow solution, which enables the actual remote use and sharing of cases among pathologists.

“This is an important validation of our efforts to support the community. Our successful past digital pathology collaborations make Hamamatsu and KiKo optimal partners for this initiative,” says Mark Lloyd, PhD, EVP and Founder of Inspirata.

“We understand the need to allow as many pathology departments as possible to make flexible arrangements for their staff. We are proud to support this initiative by offering our RUO, WSI scanners, Nanozoomer” states Scott Blakely, Business Development Manager of Hamamatsu.

Additionally, industry thought leader and KiKo founder, Dr. Jonhan Ho, joins the initiative adding, "digital pathology gives us the flexibility to serve our patients from anywhere instead of being hamstrung by having to be where our slides are."

The new free remote pathology solution is available through Inspirata’s dedicated COVID-19 Preparedness page. Visit https://go.inspirata.com/covid-19-preparedness to learn more and request access.

About Inspirata
Inspirata, Inc. helps patients fighting cancer—and the clinicians they trust—to make every moment matter. Our comprehensive cancer informatics solutions bring disparate data together throughout the entire cancer care journey to drive informed decisions that improve survivorship.

Inspirata has assembled the most advanced and proven technologies to address the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting ground-breaking research. We combine leading digital pathology solutions with automated cancer registry solutions, comprehensive cancer informatics and advanced patient engagement tools to bring users the broadest oncology informatics platform available globally.

About Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan). We manufacture detectors, light sources, cameras, and systems including the NanoZoomer instruments for whole slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The NanoZoomer converts glass slides into digital images quickly and accurately, making it perfect for viewing and analyzing the slides. Our instruments deliver reliable scanning and image quality you’ve come to expect from Hamamatsu.

About KiKo Knowledge Hub
KiKo, Knowledge in Knowledge out, is a knowledge sharing platform for doctors and researchers to share clinically useful information instantly. KiKo believes that the democratization of clinical experience will allow all pathologists across the world to practice at a higher level overall. On KiKo, pathologists share interesting cases, inside tips and tricks, and stories through whole slide images, videos, and other types of content to connect with each other and make each other better doctors. KiKo can be found on the web at kikoxp.com or in the iOS App Store under Knowledge in Knowledge out.

Inspirata Contact:
Emil Mladenov, Vice President of Corporate and Digital Marketing E-mail: emladenov@inspirata.com | Tel: +1-813-467-7616

Hamamatsu Contact:
Scott M. Blakely, Business Development Manager Whole slide imaging and digital pathology, E-mail: sblakely@hamamatsu.com | Tel: +1-412-716-9398

KiKo Knowedge Hub Contact:
Taviann Justice, Director of Marketing Email: taviann@kikoxp.com | Tel: +1-877-454-5697