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Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs)

Quantum cascade lasers are semiconductor lasers that offer peak emission in the mid-IR range (4 μm to 10 μm). These devices are an excellent light source for mid-IR applications, such as molecular gas analysis and absorption spectroscopy. While DFB lasers achieve extremely narrow single-mode bands, our technology can also be customized for more tunable lasers. Hamamatsu’s quantum cascade lasers line lead the industry with meticulously manufactured performance at cost-effective prices.

How to select a Quantum cascade laser (QCL)

Absorption spectra of molecule


Wavelength Gases Suitable QCLs
DFB-CW type
4.3 μm 12CO2/13CO2 L12004-2310H-C/-E
4.5 μm N2O, CO, CO2
4.5 μm N2O, CO L12004-2190H-C/-E
4.5 μm N2O L12004-2209H-C/-E, L12004-2190B-G/-E
5.2 μm NO L12005-1900H-C/-E, L12005-1900B-G/-E
6.1 μm NO2 L12006-1631H-C/-E
7.2 μm SO3 L12007-1392H-C/-E
7.4 μm SO2 L12007-1354H-C/-E
7.8 μm 12CH4/13CH4 L12007-1294H-C/-E
7.8 μm CH4, N2O
9.0 μm NH3
9.6 μm O3
10 μm NH3

* This table does not guarantee the detection of each gas.

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