ICR Engine | Immunochromato Reader (Lateral flow reader)

ICR (Immunochromato Reader) Engine is …

The C16171 series ICR engine consists of an optical head for detecting reagent color development and fluorescence lines and a control board integrated with a motor for driving the optical head. 

This ICR engine detects lines with high sensitivity by utilizing software programs for profile data acquisition and waveform analysis. 

When developing a lateral flow reader, this ICR engine will serve as the core component specially optimized for reading of lines.

C16171 series operation sequence

1. Set an immunoassay reagent (lateral flow test strip) in the measurement area of the ICR engine.

2. Scan the detection window of the test strip.

When the ICR engine receives a measurement start command, the optical head starts scanning the reagent colordevelopment (fluorescence) area.

One measurement completes in about 12 seconds.

ICR engine operation viewed from side

Item Value Unit
Focal length 6 mm
Self-check run time Typ. 12 s
Measurement run time Typ. 12

Compatible test strip

Item Value Unit
Detection area (lateral flow direction × width) 20 x 3 mm
Maximum number of detection lines 6 Line
Detection line width 0.8 to 1.2 mm
Detection line interval 3

3. Acquire and analyze profile data.

Data acquisition

Reagent color development and fluorescence profile are measured while scan.

A measurement is taken a total of 1000 profile data are measured and acquired in one measurement cycle.

Example of acquired profile (fluorescence line)

Data analysis

Color development and fluorescence lines are automatically analyzed from the acquired profile.

  • Peak position (Peak-X)
  • Peak intensity(Peak)
  • Background (Background)
  • Area(Area)

Example of waveform (fluorescence line)

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