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Applied products of semiconductor laser

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Double-sided tape for laser welding (thermoplastic)

Laser welding of glass panel and plastic
・Allows welding of glass and plastic by use of interface material
・Allows waterproof sealing with narrower width than double-sided adhesive tape

*Sample courtesy: Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

Laser peeling of glass panel from plastic
・Allows peeling (rework) by reheating

*Sample courtesy: Hayakawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

Thermosetting adhesives

Laser curing of thermosetting adhesives
・High speed welding of dissimilar materials
・High heat resistance due to thermosetting adhesive
・Easy processing due to high margin for gap

*Sample courtesy: ADEKA CORPORATION

Frit grass

Laser sealing of glass (frit grass welding)
・Complete blockage of moisture
・No thermal effect on any part other than the laser irradiation area
・Electrical power cost is less than 1/10th compared to baking furnace
・High-speed and size free glass welding

Laser soldering

・Realize stable soldering due to no wear of soldering tip
・Self-alighnment by multipoints simultaneous irradiation
・Electrical power cost is less than 1/10th compared to reflow furnace
・Easy soldering of materials having a large heat capacity

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