SPOLD LD Irradiation Light Source


The SPOLD built-in process monitor constantly captures thermal information on the laser irradiation point to allow quality control during laser processing, making it ideal for use in mass-production processes such as for plastic welding and soldering.


  • Transmitted laser light and thermal information with a single fiber simultaneously
  • Thermal information of laser irradiation point can be acquired without any adjustment
  • Compatible with galvano mirror system
  • High speed 1 millisecond sampling to detect an instantaneous change
  • Simplified processing peripheral parts by compact irradiation unit


  • Plastic welding
  • Adhesive thermal curing
  • Soldering
  • Other process or principle using laser as heat source


  Model no. L13920-411M L13920-511M
LD irradiation light source
(with process monitor)
main unit
Light output
(with maximum current setting, at the focal spot of irradiation unit)
30 W (min.) 70 W (min.)
Laser type Laser diode (LD)
Peak oscillation wavelength (25 ℃) 940 nm±20 nm
Cooling method Air cooling
(W × H × D)
Approx. 360 mm × 230 mm × 360 mm (excluding projecting parts)
Weight ≥ 17 kg
Measurable infrared output *1) 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ equivalent
Measurement cycle 1 ms
Laser transmitting
optical fiber
Model no. A11612-K8DD5R *2)
Fiber length Approx. 5 m
Irradiation unit Model no. A12803-30-20DA *3)
Light condensing spot diameter φ1.6 mm

*1) When measured using a blackbody furnace (emissivity: 0.93)
*2) Other fiber core and fiber length are available.
*3) Standard goods. Other beam spot diameter φ0.4 mm, φ0.8 mm, φ1.6 mm, φ3.2 mm are selectable.
* "LD irradiation light source (built-in process monitor)" is sold as one product which integrates main unit of LD Irradiation Light Source (built-in process monitor), laser transmitting fiber and irradiation unit. Each component cannot be removed.

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