Optical pinhole inspection unit


The C12760 is a versatile pinhole inspection unit designed for rechargeable battery separators and can detect pinholes in translucent materials that allow light to pass through and so cannot be detected with other units of our lineup. The C12760 is compatible with high-speed conveyor lines moving at a maximum speed of 600 meters per minute and is usable on various workpiece widths by arranging them in multiple inspection units.


  • Minimum detectable pinhole size : 10 μm
  • Detection width (per unit) : 50.8 mm
  • Maximum detection speed : 600 m/min


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Detection unit Detector Photodiode array
Maximum current consumption 0.1 A
Detection width 50.8 mm
Light source unit Light source / Wavelength Laser diode / 660 nm
Maximum current consumption 0.1 mA
Maximum energy output 5 mW
Laser class 3R (IEC60825-1)
Operating temperature range +10 to +40 °C
Storage temperature range -20 to +50 °C
Operating / storage humidity range 35 to 85 (no condensation) %RH
Applicable standard IEC61326-1: Group 1 Class A
IEC60825-1: Class 3R laser product

Invisible Laser Radiation: Avoid Direct Exposure of eyes to Beam

The Laser emits invisible laser radiation. The instrument which used the LASER, operated under ordinary conditions, is classified as Class 3R according to the laser product classification code IEC 60825-1.
See IEC 60825-1 for more details and safety operation concerning the above countermeasures.

* Accessories: Detection connector socket, light source connector socket

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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