FAC lens


The J10919 series FAC lens is an optical lens that collimates light spreading from a semiconductor laser (LD) in the fast-axis direction. LD have a large divergence angle in the fast-axis direction, so the output light cannot be efficiently used unless collimated. The FAC lens collimates light spreading from a LD into a narrow beam with a radiation angle of several milliradians (mrad) or less so that the diverging light can be efficiently utilized.

Collimating light


Aspheric micro-cylindrical lens

Highly efficient utilization of light from LD bar

Small variations in characteristics allow mass production

Minimized smile and side lobes due to high-precision fabricating technology

Output distribution image

Output distribution image when installed to LD


Parameter FAC300 FAC610 FAC920 Unit
Type No. J10919-03 J10919-01 J10919-02
Wavelength area 790 to 990 nm
Numeric aperture (NA) Min. 0.8
Material High refractive index glass
Refractive index at 915 nm 1.809
Effective focal length (EFL) 300 610 920 μm
Back focal length (BFL) 80 100 150 μm
Height (H) 0.50 1.00 1.50 mm
Width (W) 0.40 0.94 1.41 mm
Length (L) 4.0 12.0 mm
Efficiency Min. 85 (±2.5 mrad) 85 (±1.5 mrad) 85 (±1.0 mrad) %
Transmittance Min. 98 %

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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