Terahertz Wave Plate


This is a Fresnel rhomb wave plate for controlling terahertz wave polarization. The adoption of Fresnel rhomb makes it possible to handle a terahertz wave over a broad band. In addition, stacking total reflection prisms simultaneously achieves a large aperture and a small size of the component. The prisms are made of high-resistivity silicon, which highly transmits a terahertz wave.


  • Optical component for polarization control of terahertz wave
  • Fresnel rhomb wave plate with co-axial design for input and output terahertz beams
  • Broadband (typical value: 0.5 THz to 2.5 THz)


  • Terahertz wave phase control
  • Terahertz polarization imaging
  • THz-STM (scanning tunneling microscope)


Parameter A16394-02 A16394-04
Retardation λ/2 λ/4
Material Silicon
Effective aperture φ20 mm
Dimensions (D × L) 50.8 × 50 mm 50.8 × 31 mm

Dimension (unit mm)

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