CMOS area image sensor


CMOS area image sensor for X-ray imaging (USB interface type)

The S15589 is a CMOS area image sensor developed for X-ray imaging. This image sensor has 4.386 mega pixels (2580 × 1700) with a pixel size of 20 × 20 μm and a monitoring photodiode for monitoring and detecting X-ray irradiation. FOP (fiber optic plate) used as the input window ensures high image quality and long sensor life even under exposure to X-rays. The sensor area is about twice as large as that of the conventional product, making it possible to obtain images over a wider area. The S15589 supports USB 2.0.

-Pixel size: 20 × 20 μm
-2580 (H) × 1700 (V) pixel format
-High resolution: 20 Lp/mm typ.
-Frame rate: 0.46 fps
-USB 2.0 interface
-Three sensors can be connected to one PC at a time
-Automatically calibrated X-ray images
Conditions of calibration data: Tube voltage=70 kV, total filtration is equivalent to 2 mm Al.

This product is an X-ray area image sensor for non-destructive inspection applications. It is not for medical applications.
Even if it is used for medical diagnosis, customers are required to obtain approval for it as a medical device.

Image size 51.6 x 34 mm
Pixel size 20 x 20 μm
Pixel pitch 20 μm
Scintillator type CsI (Tl)
X-ray resolution (typ.) 20 Lp/mm
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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