Si photodiode array


Back-illuminated photodiode array for X-ray non-destructive inspection (element pitch: 1.17 mm)

The S12859-422 is a back-illuminated type 16-element photodiode array specifically designed for non-destructive X-ray inspection. It is modified versions of our previous products (S11212 series: 1.575 mm pitch). The pitch has been changed to 1.17 mm. The back-illuminated photodiode array is also simple to handle and easily couples to scintillators without having to worry about wire damage because there are no bonding wires and photosensitive areas on the back side.

-Element size: 0.77 (W) × 2.5 (H) mm/one element
-Element pitch: 1.17 mm ( × 16 pixels)
-Mounted on board size: 19.0 (W) × 18.0 (H) mm
-Long and narrow format by multiple arrays
-Supports dual energy imaging (When used in an upper and lower two-layer combination.)

Element size (per 1 element) 0.77 × 2.5 mm
Number of elements 16
Package Glass epoxy
Package category With scintillator
Scintillator type Phosphor sheet
Cooling Non-cooled
Dark current (max.) 30 pA
Rise time (typ.) 6.5 μs
Terminal capacitance (typ.) 30 pF
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, per element

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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