Si photodiode


Photodiode for VUV (Vacuum UV) detection

The S8553 is a VUV (Vacuum UV) photodiode suitable for detection of ArF excimer lasers (λ=193 nm). Designed to provide optimal performance in the VUV range, this photodiode offers more stable sensitivity even after long exposure to VUV radiation compared with conventional types.

-Reliable detection improves of ArF excimer laser (λ=193 nm)
-Large photosensitive area: 18 × 18 mm
-Windowless package: 25.5 × 25.5 mm ceramic package


The chip of this product is not sealed and is exposed. Parts such as electrodes on the chip are not protected by an enclosure or window and so require especially strict care during handling compared to ordinary products.
Before using this product, always read “Unsealed products / Precautions” described below.

Unsealed products / Precautions [PDF]


Photosensitive area 18 × 18 mm
Number of elements 1
Package Ceramic
Cooling Non-cooled
Reverse voltage (max.) 5 V
Photosensitivity (typ.) 0.06 A/W
Dark current (max.) 5000 pA
Rise time (typ.) 18 μs
Terminal capacitance (typ.) 8000 pF
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, Photosensitivity: λ=193 nm, unless otherwise noted

Variation in sensitivity due to VUV exposure

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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