Si PIN photodiode


Flat surface ideal for bonding to scintillator

The S8650 Si PIN photodiode has an epoxy coating window processed to have a flat surface (flatness: ±5 μm). When bonded to a scintillator, the flat surface allows highly tight coupling to the scintillator so bubbles are unlikely to penetrate in between. We also accept special orders for machining flat surfaces on other ceramic package products. Feel free to place an order with us.

- Flat epoxy coating surface ideal for bonding to scintillator
Flatness: ±5 μm
- Photosensitive area: 10 × 10 mm

Photosensitive area 10 × 10 mm
Number of elements 1
Package Ceramic
Cooling Non-cooled
Reverse voltage (max.) 100 V
Spectral response range 340 to 1100 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 960 nm
Photosensitivity (typ.) 0.66 A/W
Dark current (max.) 6000 pA
Cutoff frequency (typ.) 40 MHz
Terminal capacitance (typ.) 40 pF
Noise equivalent power (typ.) 3.8×10-14 W/Hz1/2
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, Typ., Photosensitivity: λ=λp, Dark current: VR=70 V, Cutoff frequency: VR=70 V, Terminal capacitance: VR=70 V, f=1 MHz, Noise equivalent power: VR=70 V, λ=λp, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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