Spectrum detector PMT module


H15441-20 are comprised of a 6 ch multianode type photomultiplier tube, a high-voltage power supply circuit, and a optics module.


  • 6-color measurement with one PMT module
  • High efficiency filter optics
  • Palm size

Internal structure


Standard bandpass filters and dichroic mirrors

Parameter H15441-20 Unit
Filter center wavelength/width(FWHM) CH1 785(62) mm
CH2 710(40)
CH3 660(30)
CH4 615(24)
CH5 575(25)
CH6 529(28)

Besides the above standard setup of the optical system, we have a variety of bandpass filters and dichroic mirrors available in stock.

Select the desired bandpass filters and dichroic mirrors needed to configure a PMT module with the optical assembly most ideal for your application. Moreover, if you provide us with your band pass filters, we can use it to configure an optical system that matches your request. Please consult us for details.


Parameter Value Unit
Maximum ratings Input voltage HVPS +5.5 V
AMP ±5.5
-HV control voltage +0.9 V
Individual gain adjustment voltage +4.2 V
Output signal voltage DC output / ch +0.5 V
Pulse output / ch +3.0
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +50
Storage temperature -20 to +50
General specifications Input voltage range HVPS +4.5 to +5.5 V
AMP ±4.5 to ±5.5 V
Recommended -HV control voltage range +0.5 to +0.8 V
Individual gain adjustment voltage range 0 to +4.0 V
Gain adjustment range 1 to 0.01 /ch
Reference voltage output -HV control +1.25 V
Individual gain adjustment +4.5
Overall dimensions 104 x 78 x 30 mm
Weight Typ. 281 g
Photomultiplier tube specifications Wavelength range 300 to 920 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 630 nm
Cathode luminous sensitivity Typ. 500 µA/lm
Anode luminous sensitivity Typ. 500 A/lm
Anode dark current/ch Typ. 5 nA
Gain Typ. 1 x 106
Module / Amp specifications Supply current HVPS +80 mA
AMP ±30
Frequency bandwidth Min. DC to 1 MHz
Current-to-voltage conversion factor 0.02 V/µA
Gain temperature drift Typ. 0.5 %/℃
Ripple noise(p-p) Max. 1 mV
Offset voltage Max. ±3 mV

Dimensional outline

Unit: mm

Flexible flat cable (Supplied)

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