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Light-to-frequency converter photo IC



Converts light intensity to frequency of output pulse

The S9705 is a photo IC that combines a photodiode and a current-to-frequency converter on a CMOS chip. Output is a square wave (50 % duty ratio) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity incident on the photodiode. The CMOS level digital output allows direct connection to a microcontroller or other logic circuitry. The S9705 has wide dynamic range and light intensity can be easily measured when used with a digital counter.

-Converts light intensity to frequency
-Wide dynamic range: 5 orders of magnitude
-Excellent linearity
-Output timing reset function
-Digital output for direct interface to microcontroller
-4-pin plastic package

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Package material Plastic
Package type Surface mount type
Output Digital
Supply voltage 2.7 to 5.5 V
Spectral response range 390 to 650 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 550 nm
Output frequency 50 kHz
Operating temperature -40 to +85 deg.C
Storage temperature -40 to +100 deg.C
Feature CMOS level digital output

Spectral response


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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