Innovative plasma-based light sources: theory, practice, and applications

Slawomir S. Piatek, Ph.D.,  Hamamatsu Corporation
July 7, 2023

About this webinar

Numerous applications require a broad-band light source with a stable high output brightens, stable spectral composition, and high degree of spatial coherence. The traditional broadband light sources such as thermal black bodies or plasma discharge tubes satisfy some of these performance requirements but rarely all. Recently developed laser-driven light source (LDLS) offers a significant performance improvement over the traditional sources and rapidly becomes the light source of choice in applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, image sensor characterization, or optical systems testing (e.g., telescopes). This presentation first briefly reviews the traditional broadband sources to be then compared with the laser-driven source. The presentation ends with a discussion of several applications where LDLS is outperforming other sources.

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About the presenter

Slawomir S. Piatek, Ph.D., is a senior university lecturer on physics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a science consultant for Hamamatsu Corp. At the university, he has been measuring the proper motions of nearby galaxies using images obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope. At Hamamatsu, he has developed a photonics training program for engineers. Piatek is also involved in popularizing the silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) as a novel photodetector by writing and lecturing, and by experimenting with the device. He earned a doctorate in physics from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in 1994.