FDSS Users Meeting

We are pleased to announce the 17th edition of the FDSS Users Meeting on June 29th 2023, which will be held in Leuven, Belgium. This hybrid edition will bring the possibility to meet in person or to follow the conferences virtually. The meeting will feature presentations from European Functional Drug Screening experts and researchers using the technique across varied applications within drug discovery, safety tox and disease modelling. It will bring together the FDSS community to share, learn and discuss how the system is being applied to today's problems and pioneering tomorrow's capabilities.


Special edition: For the first time, we will include a session dedicated to the screening of 3D cell cultures and unveil our next-generation functional drug screening system, the FDSS GX!


This meeting is open to all our FDSS Users, as well as anyone interested in the fluorescence and luminescence kinetic plate readers.

We look forward to meeting you virtually or in person for this new FDSS User Meeting edition!

Event Name FDSS Users Meeting
Schedule June 29, 2023-June 29, 2023
Venue Leuven, Belgium
Official site Visit Website