Nordic Optics and Photonics (NOP)

LIAA, PhotonicSweden, Photonics Finland and Latvian, Finnish and Swedish scientists and industry representatives are organizing the Nordic Optics and Photonics (NOP2023) conference with a poster session and exhibition stands as part of the Deep Tech Atelier event. Therefore, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. students, as well as postdoc and more senior researchers, have the opportunity to present their work. Quantum, Optical-Fiber, and Sensors will be the main focus. Abstracts and speaker presentations are expected and will be given on the following topics: Advanced Materials, Optics & Spectroscopy, Photonics in Manufacturing, Laser Technology, Quantum, Optical Fibers, Sensors, Photonics in Life Sciences, Security and Safety, etc. NOP will be held in parallel in two sessions – industry and academy.

Event Name Nordic Optics and Photonics (NOP)
Schedule April 19, 2023-April 21, 2023
Venue Riga, Latvia
Official site Visit Website