For monochromatic light (220, 254, 275 nm) detection

Si photodiode with bandpass filter S12742 series

The S12742 series uses an interference filter for its window and is sensitive only to monochromatic light.
The series consists of three types with different center sensitivity wavelengths: 220 nm, 254 nm, and 275 nm.
The spectral response half width (FWHM) is extremely narrow at 10 nm (typical), allowing accurate photometry with little stray light.
The S12742 series can be customized to support other peak sensitivity wavelengths such as 340 nm and 560 nm.
It can be used for water quality analysis, atmospheric analysis, and UV monitoring of mercury lamps.



Type no. NEW S12742-220 S12742-254 NEW S12742-275 Unit
Center wavelength 220 254 275 nm
Spectral response half width
Photosensitivity (λ=CWL) 6 18 10 mA/W
Dark current (VR=10 mV max.)
Photosensitive area
3.61 × 3.61

Spectral response


2 W xenon flash lamp modules L13651 series

The L13651 series is a 2 W xenon lamp module integrated with a power supply and a trigger socket.
These lamp modules are the world’s smallest in their wattage class, giving a high degree of spatial design freedom.
They can be operated by a 5 V battery, making them suitable for assembly into portable analytical instruments. Other features include high stability and long life.
In addition, the lamps’ high luminous efficiency per flash helps achieve highly accurate analysis and testing when these lamp modules are combined with the Si photodiode S12742 series.

Spectral irradiance (Typ.)

Measurement conditions
Main discharge voltage:600 V
Main discharge capacitance:0.141 µF
Repetition rate:79 Hz
Detectors:Photomultiplier tube (Cs-Te photocathode) (200 to 320 nm)
      Photomultiplier tube (multialkali photocathode) (280 to 720 nm)
      Si photodiode (680 to 1100 nm)
Measurement distance:50 cm


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