Monitoring water quality: a challenge for spectroscopic technology


Water quality monitoring is crucial for human health, environmental conservation, and food security due to pollution from agriculture and industrial activities. There are two key areas essential for monitoring that concern environmental and drinking water quality. Environmental monitoring is vital to prevent aquatic life death due to nutrient-rich waters. Drinking water utilities must adhere to standards for safe water. Traditional sampling methods are limited in providing real-time data.

However, UV-Vis spectroscopy, based on the absorption of specific light wavelengths by substances, offers advantages such as being reagent-free and offering real-time measurements. It can assess parameters like UV254, color, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, and more.

Spectrophotometers provide better particle compensation and higher accuracy compared to single-wavelength sensors. Choosing suitable broadband light sources, like Xenon Flash Lamps, enhances the performance of UV-Vis spectrophotometers for water analysis. As concerns for water quality grow, UV-Vis spectroscopy is set to become an essential tool for monitoring.

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