Laser fusion research

By irradiating a fuel capsule containing deuterium contained inexhaustibly in seawater with a high-power laser, a high-temperature, high-density plasma is generated and a nuclear fusion reaction occurs. As a result, the clean energy produced by nuclear fusion from deuterium (0.6 g) contained in the seawater of one plastic tank (20 L) is equivalent to 250 plastic tanks in terms of petroleum, and we are trying to artificially create this. We are developing high-power laser technology, which is the key to the realization of laser fusion, application of quantum beams represented by ions, electrons, and neutrons, and research and development of new optical materials.

High-energy lasers are just "Key enabling technology" to open unexpected possibilities of the light. Many kind of applications would be discovered by the high energy lasers in "Energy", "Envioroment", "Medical", "Space", "Material" fields. We promote the practical development of the world's highest level high-energy laser, and contribute to realization of the sustanalbe society by creating new value.

Development of laser processing technology

In recent years there has been an increased occasion where a laser is used as a tool in manufacturing industries. Utilizing laser allows us to process a thing that was impossible before by controlling laser output, wavelength, temporal and spatial properties. For example, when the high-energy laser pulse that we developed is irradiated onto a metal material, a high-pressure state with more than 10,000 atm can be created instantly. As a result, a shockwave propagates inside the material, improving fatigue strength. We will aim to develop innovative laser processing technologies by adapting light-related products.

Development of novel optical materials

Creation of novel optical materials which has high quality and high functionality is one of core technics required for next generation research, such as study of laser inertial fusion, development of basic technology of innovative high-power lasers, and so on. Our group is challenging to develop of laser control and laser amplification materials to generate high-energy laser pulses to ignite nuclear fusion reaction, scintillator materials to detect photons and quantum particles generated in fusion reaction.