Cladding | Direct diode lasers (DDL)

Laser cladding is a method overlaying by supplying powder or wire of the same or different materials as the base material. By instantly melting the material with a laser and depositing it on the surface of the base material, it is used to improve the characteristics of the base material and repair parts. Laser cladding utilizing DDL forms a variety of cladding layer types with high-quality.

Advantages of laser cladding using DDL

High-quality cladding

  • Heat input to the base material is low since the cladding material melts with a minimum amount of heat by controlling the Light output power
  • Low heat input to the base material minimizes unwanted distortion and thermal effects
  • Low dilution rate*1 thanks to the fact that the heat renders minimal effects on the base material


*1 The dilution ratio is the percentage of the melted amount in the cladding layer. If the dilution ratio is high, the cladding material is likely to mix with the base material and this may diminish its material performance such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and wear resistance.

Low process cost

  • Rectangular focused beam pattern makes it easy to fabricate irradiation units providing a wide focused beam pattern

A variety of cladding types available

  • Very thin cladding and narrow area to wide area cladding possible
  • Can form cladding layers determined by the laser output power and focused beam size
  • Rectangular focused beam pattern allows wider heat input compared to a round focused beam

Focused beam pattern and profiles (example)

3D profile (example)

Effective for aluminum-base cladding

  • Effective for aluminum-base cladding by use of a laser wavelength having a good absorption rate for aluminum base materials

Comparing laser cladding with PTA (plasma transferred arc) powder welding

It is a comparison table with PTA (plasma transferred arc). PTA is welding that overlays using powdered metal.


  Laser cladding PTA
Distortion Small Large
Dilution ratio Low High

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