LCOS-SLM (Optical phase modulator)


Our proprietary thermal design technology realizes the special light modulator with high power handling capability (Sapphire type: 1050 ± 50 nm)

The X15213-03CL is a reflective phase only Spatial Light Modulator (SLM), based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology that directly controls the liquid crystal (LC) molecules by the address voltage of CMOS chip, and can modulate a wavefront of light beam with high precision and high speed. Generally, when a LCOS-SLM is irradiated with a high power laser, the temperature of the LC layer increases, reducing the performance of LCOS-SLM. Therefore, in order to enhance power handling capability, it is necessary to improve the heat dissipation efficiency and suppress the temperature rise of the LC layer. By applying our proprietary thermal design technology to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, this product has achieved high power handling capability of 700 W or more, which is 3.5 times higher than the conventional product (water-cooled type: X15213-03BL). It can be applied to metal 3D printing, where metal powder is sintered by laser, and to laser metal welding and cutting. 

Principle of improving the power handling capability

The X15213-03CL uses a sapphire glass as a cover glass. Since the thermal conductivity of sapphire is approximately 30 times higher than that of quartz glass, the heat generated in the LC layer is easily transferred to the cover glass. Furthermore, by enclosing a filler with high thermal conductivity inside the LCOS-SLM head package and optimizing the internal structure, the generated heat can be quickly transmitted from the sapphire glass to the water-cooled heat sink via the filler. These improvements suppress heat-induced characteristic changes and material destruction, and enhance power handling capability.


Existing type


Phase modulation characteristics

Almost ideal phase modulation characteristics can be obtained even when irradiated with high power lasers exceeding 700 W.

Please contact us for details, as it depends on the laser irradiation conditions and water cooling conditions.



Pixel pitch 12.5 μm
Input signal DVI-D / USB-B (2.0 High-speed)
DVI signal format SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels)
DVI frame rate 60 Hz
Number of input levels 256 (8 bits) levels
Number of pixel 1272 × 1024 pixels
Effective area 15.9 x 12.8 mm
Spatial resolution max. 40 lp/mm
Fill factor 96.8 %
Rise time 27 ms
Fall time 83 ms
Readout light wavelength 1050 ± 50 nm
Light utilization efficiency 97 %
Measurement condition λ=1064 nm

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