LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) X15213 series

LCOS-SLM are reflective space light phase modulators that freely modulates light phases. Laser or other irradiation light goes through a phase modulation by the liquid crystal and reflected. The wavefront shape can be controlled freely. Wavefront control of the light can be applied to optical beam photolithography, aberration correction, and the like.

There are eight types in the X15213 series, which cover different wavelengths of light sources. They can be grouped into dielectric mirror types (-02/-03/-05/-13/-16) and aluminum mirror types (-01/-07/-08). To enhance the reflectivity of the device, dielectric mirror types have dielectric mirrors corresponding to different wavelengths of laser light source. [-02: titanium sapphire laser (800 nm band), -03: YAG laser (1064 nm), -05: LD (405 nm), -13: YAG laser 2nd harmonic (532 nm)/He-Ne laser (633 nm), -16: YAG laser 2nd harmonic (532 nm)]. The increased reflectivity achieved by the dielectric mirror decreases the internal absorption rate. This allows accommodation for high powered lasers, but the covered wavelength range is narrowed. Aluminum mirror types use reflections from the aluminum electrodes on the CMOS chip. The reflectivity is inferior to that of the former, but the reflection wavelength range is wider, covering a range of 400 nm to 1550 nm with just three types. For the wavelength band between 1350 and 1400 nm on the -08 type, the reflectance degrades about 5% due to the absorption by the glass substrate. Dielectric mirror types for the 532 nm band are available in - 13 and -16. The -16 is designed to be more light-resistant to short-pulse lasers than the -13. Water cooled types have L or R (where L and R indicate the water stream connector positions left and right, respectively) appended to the number -02, -03, or -16 which indicates the wavelength range.

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