CW Laser Diode


These diodes generate higher output power, operating in multiple lateral modes. The most suitable LD can be selected from an assortment of wavelength, size of emitting area, output power, etc.

Type number L9418-42
Type Lateral Multimode LDs (broad stripe)
Operating temperature 0 to + 30 ℃
Storage temperature - 30 to + 80 ℃
Peak emission wavelength min. 970 nm
Peak emission wavelength typ. 980 nm
Peak emission wavelength max. 990 nm
Output power typ. 1 W
Operating current typ. 1.2 A
Spectral radiation half bandwidth typ. 2 nm
Operating voltage typ. 2 V
Emitting width 100 × 1 μm
Beam spread angle _parallel typ. 8 °
Beam spread angle _vertical typ. 32 °
Lasing threshold current typ. 0.25 A
Package dia. 9.0CD

Radiant output power vs. Operating current (typ.)

Typical emission spectrum

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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