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Single phonon resonance-continuum depopulation (SPC) and distributed feedback (DFB) structures realize stable single-mode emission under the room temperature. It performs mode-hop free tuning by controlling temperature of QCL. Buttefly package, which achieves smaller formfactor than exhisting product, is newly available.

Type No. Wavelength Wavenumber Target gases
L12004-2310H-C 4.33 μm 2310 cm-1 CO2, CO2 isotope
L12004-2209H-C 4.53 μm 2209 cm-1 N2O
L12004-2190H-C, L12004-2190B-G 4.57 μm 2190 cm-1 N2O, CO
L12005-1900H-C, L12005-2190B-G 5.26 μm 1900 cm-1 NO
L12006-1631H-C 6.13 μm 1631 cm-1 NO2
L12007-1392H-C 7.18 μm 1392 cm-1 SO3
L12007-1354H-C 7.39 μm 1354 cm-1 SO2
L12007-1294H-C 7.73 μm 1294 cm-1 CH4


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