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FDSS is an “Add & Read” kinetic plate reader in Fluorescence and Luminescence, and suitable for reading the kinetics of the living cells which those response, calcium flux, mobilization, membrane potential changes, which is very fast and need to monitor its kinetic property. GPCR and Ion Channels and Transporter are the most highly used application field for FDSS kinetic reader monitoring the calcium transient and membrane potential changes of the living cells.

In the past, Luminescence in FDSS meant Flash Luminescence using Aequorine Technology reading intracellular calcium, or a Glo luminescence for Reporter Gene Assay using the luciferase technology. However, the current luminescence reading technology which making the sample more brighter and stable, enabling us to do more in FDSS luminescence reading. FDSS can have an option of emission filter wheel and this makes FDSS possible to do dual wavelength luminescence measurement such like BRET.

Because of Hamamatsu high sensitive EM-CCD camera, various luminescence measurement is possible in FDSS, with the liquid handling of simultaneous injection to all well in the plates.

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