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Features | Immunochromato Reader (Lateral flow reader)

Hamamatsu Photonics Immunochromato Reader (Lateral flow reader) offers the following three advantages

1.High sensitivity: Detects lines that are difficult for human eyes to distinguish

The Immunochromato reader is capable of detecting test lines that are difficult to identify visually.

2.High repeatability: Measurement variations less than 3%

Ideal for quality control and research and development of lateral flow reagents. Allows accurate evaluation of the difference between reagent lots and changes in reagents over time.

3.Reagent compatibility: Detects absorption and fluorescence lines

We have a fine track record in detecting a wide range of labels or markers. This means we can offer a detection unit optimized for each label and also compatible with both absorption and fluorescence techniques.

How we succeeded in achieving the above three features.

Comprehensive system development capabilities focusing on advanced optical measurement technologies


As a leading manufacturer of photonic devices such as photosensors, here at Hamamatsu Photonics we have been conducting intensive research into all technologies relating to optical measurement since our founding. Those technologies developed through many years of experience serve as the core for system development as well as boosting basic detection capability for measuring lateral flow reagent colors and fluorescence with even higher sensitivity. Our manufacturing development system based on optical measurement technologies integrates different underlying technologies such as electronics, mechatronics and software to extract an optimal equipment design and develop equipment that meets customer needs.

1.High sensitivity

In on-site testing at clinics and hospitals, different persons give different judgment results which cause problems.


  1. Whether a line from the test shows a positive result or not is unclear.
  2. Getting accurate results requires retesting.
  3. Retesting places a burden on the clinic and on the patient.

Allows detecting lines and colors that are difficult to see with eyes.


  1. Measurement by setting a threshold for color intensity of the line.
  2. Swift and sure support for the doctor’s diagnosis.

2.High repeatability

  • Same results appear no matter how many times test is repeated. That is Helps the tester feel secure about diagnosis since there is no change in judgment criteria.
  • Measurement management tool (inspection supplies) is provided for repeated reliable use.

Less reliable measurement results


  1. Can’t make judgment of whether variations result from the reader or from reagent.
  2. Judgment is hard to make because measurement results are unstable.

Measurement results you can rely on


  1. Gives a distinct response for each reagent line that ensures streamlined reagent Research and development work and quality management.
  2. Gives more accurate positive, negative results.

Achieves 3% reliability CV (coefficients of variation)


The weaker the color appearing in a line, the more critical the detection accuracy becomes. As seen in the graph on the left, the Hamamatsu Photonics Immunochromato reader keeps variations within 3% even when the color intensity of the test line is on a level of several mABS. The user will get highly reliable measurement results even on lines with weak color intensity.

3.Reagent compatibility

Handles a wide range of labels
When developing immunochromatographic lateral flow reagents, a tester and kit that match the label for the research target are essential. Hamamatsu Photonics has a solid record of detection results for a broad range of labels. A few examples are shown below.
We can also customize the reader to meet your needs, such as for labels not listed below. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Color labels


  • Colloidal gold
  • Color latex
  • Others

Fluorescent labels


  • Eu
  • FITC
  • Others

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