Microfocus X-ray source


Compared with ordinary L9181-02 (X-ray Beam Angle:45 degrees), L9181-05 has an wide X-ray Beam Angle of 100 degrees.


X-ray source with capability of in-line inspection for non-destructive inspection of electrical devices, mount boards, automotive parts, etc., 


  • No high voltage cable connection required
  • External control via RS-232C interface
  • High power: Maximum output 39 W
  • Wide X-ray beam angle: 100°


  • Non-destructive inspection
  • X-ray CT

[Applicable objects]

  • Electronic component
  • Printed circuit board
  • Plastic component
  • Metal component


Tube Voltage 130 kV
Type Sealed type
Tube Voltage Operational Range 40 kV to 130 kV
Maximum Output 39 W
X-ray Focal Spot Size 16 μm to 50 μm
X-ray Beam Angle (Coned) 100 degree
Focus to Object Distance (FOD) 13 mm

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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