Capillary lens


The J12432-01 capillary lens is an optical element for X-rays, consisting of a bundle of numerous hollow glass capillaries formed into a cylindrical shape with one end gently tapered.
This lens enables X-ray collimating by using total reflection.


Collimated X-ray image


Brightness distribution


Schematic diagram of X-ray collimating



X-ray diffraction (XRD)



Parameter Description / Value Unit
Input Operating X-ray energy (recommended) 5 to 20 keV
Focal length *1 50 mm
Output Effective diameter of collimated X-rays φ8 mm
Divergence angle of collimated X-rays (Max.) 0.2 degrees
Operating ambient temperature 0 to +50
Input / output window material Beryllium -
Housing case material SUS -

NOTE: *1 Distance from X-ray tube target to capillary lens input end

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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