Wavefront Shaper


This is a phase control unit for laser processing and microscopic observations, that is constructed to enable you to shape the beam easily. It is equipped with prism-type mirrors which simplify the construction of the optical system, and electronic cooling systems that improve the operation stability and the power handling capability of optical phase modulators (LCOS-SLM). In addition, it is also fitted with DLL (dynamic link libraries) and applications in the standard to support the design of phase data for beam shaping and phase control.


  • Easy connections to optical components / systems
  • Simple control (with various DLL for control)
  • Construction of high functioning laser machining / microscopic observation systems
  • Control function (for high-power laser machining applications)


Type no. C15789-04M C15789-02 C15789-12 C15789-03
Interface Digtial video inter face(DVI) *1
DVI signal format SXGA (1280 pixels × 1024 pixels)
DVI frame rate 60 Hz
Number of pixel 1272 pixels × 1024 pixels
Input signal tone value 256 levels (8 bits)
Effective aperture 12 mm
Throughput 95 % (Typical value)
Corresponding wavelength range *2 460 nm ~ 560 nm 750 nm ~ 850 nm 850 nm ~ 1000 nm 1000 nm ~ 1100 nm
Polarization direction Horizontal
Input voltage (AC adapter used) 100 V to 230 V (50Hz / 60 Hz)
Power consumption 35 VA
Weight 2.1 kg
Operating temperature 20 ℃ to 35 ℃ *3
Storage temperature -20 ℃ to +55 ℃

*1 When this product is used, a control PC (with a DVI or HDMI external monitor output terminal) must be prepared separately.
*2 No condensation
*3 The characteristics may change depending on the humidity.
* The TEC controller C14480 is attached to this product.

Dimension (unit: mm)

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