Filter block


The A10033-90 is a holder block that allows you to insert an optical filter. The filter is held by the spacer ring and the retaining ring, and can be easily exchanged by using the accessory tool.
The A11213 C-mount interchangeable filter block series is also available. Filters with 25 mm diameters can be installed is these blocks.


Type No. Effective beam size Conpatible filter size Weight
A10033-90 φ8 mm Size: 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) to 15 mm (Max.)*(recommended: 15 mm)Thickness: 1.5 mm to 5 mm Approx.24 g

* Supplied: Screw ring tool

Connection example: Fiber-optic single wavelength detection

The lens inside the A10037 fiber adapter block collimates the beam of the light signal emitted from the optical fiber. The A10033-90filter block contains an optical filter that only allows a specific wavelength to pass. When dimming the beam, use ND filter block A10032.

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

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