Dichroic block


The A10034-90 is a V-groove type holder block that allows installation of a dichroic mirror with a 45-degree incident angle, such as a commercially available sized dichroic mirror frequently used for microscopes.
Hamamatsu also provides the A11214 C-mount interchangeable dichroic block.


Type No. Effective beam size Conpatible dichroic mirror Weight
A10034-90 φ8 mm W × H: 25 mm to 26 mm (W) × 35 mm to 38 mm (H)Thickness: 0.9 mm to 1.1 mm (recommended 1 mm) Approx.139 g

* Supplied: Hex wrench S2.0

Connection example: Fiber-opic dual wavelength detection

The lens inside the A10037 series fiber adapter block collimates the beam of the light signal emitted from the optical fiber. The dichroic mirror installed in the A10034-90 dichroic block reflects light below a certain wavelength and allows all light above that wavelength to pass. Finally, each of the two A10033-90 filter blocks extracts a specific wavelength so that the signal levels of the two separate wavelengths can be measured.

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

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