CMOS linear image sensor


High sensitivity, photosensitive area with vertically long pixels

The S11639-01 is a high sensitivity CMOS linear image sensor using a photosensitive area with vertically long pixels (14 × 200 μm). Other features include high sensitivity and high resistance in the UV region. The S11639-01 operates from a single 5 V supply making it suitable for use in low cost spectrometers.

-Pixel size: 14 × 200 μm
-2048 pixels
-Effective photosensitive area length: 28.672 mm
-High sensitivity: 1300 V/(lx・s)
-High sensitivity in UV to NIR region
(spectral response range: 200 to 1000 nm)
-Simultaneous charge integration for all pixels
-Variable integration time function (electronic shutter function)
-5 V single power supply operation
-Built-in timing generator allows operation with only start and clock pulse inputs
-Video data rate: 10 MHz max.

Application example (SD-OCT)


Light from a broadband wavelength light source is shone on the sample, the interference light spectrally dispersed, then detected by a linear image sensor. An image in the depth direction of the sample is acquired by Fourier transforming the obtained wavelength information.




Linear encoder

This linear image sensor with rectangular pixels, high line rate, and a global shutter function is appropriate for absolute track reading of linear encoders.





Type High sensitivity type
Image size 28.672 x 0.200 mm
Number of effective pixels 2048 x 1 pixels
Pixel size 14 x 200 μm
Spectral response range 200 to 1000 nm
Line rate (max.) 4672 lines/s
Cooling Non-cooled
Window material Quartz
Package LCP
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, Vdd=5 V, V(CLK)=V(ST)=5 V, f(CLK)=10 MHz, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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