MPPC array


One-dimensional 16 ch array, Pixel pitch: 50 μm


The S13363-3050NE-16 is a miniaturized one-dimensional 16 ch MPPC array using TSV (through-silicon via) and CSP (chip size package) technologies. The product has an effective photosensitive area of 3 × 3 mm per channel. The gap between channels is narrowed and the dead area is reduced. This is suitable for applications, such as nuclear medical, non-destructive inspection, and high energy physics experiment, that require photon counting measurement.

-Low crosstalk
-Low afterpulses
-Low voltage (VBR=53 V typ.) operation
-High gain: 1.7 × 106 typ.


Package type Surface mount type
Number of channels 16 ch
Effective photosensitive area / ch 3 × 3 mm
Number of pixels /ch 3584
Pixel size 50 μm
Spectral response range 320 to 900 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 450 nm
Dark count/ch (typ.) 500 kcps
Terminal capacitance/ch (typ.) 320 pF
Gain (typ.) 1.7×106
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, Dark count rate: VR=Vop, Terminal capacitance: VR=Vop, f=100 kHz, Gain: VR=Vop, unless otherwise noted

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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