Visible/near infrared MPPC

MPPC is a type of device called SiPM (silicon photomultipliers). It is a new type of photon counting device that consists of multiple Geiger mode APD (avalanche photodiode) pixels. It is an opto-semiconductor with outstanding photon counting capability and low operating voltage and is immune to the effects of magnetic fields. The S14420 series is an MPPC for the visible to near infrared region. It provides higher photon detection efficiency than the previous product (S13360 series) in the visible to near infrared region.


- High photon detection efficiency: 40% (λ=600 nm, Vop=VBR + 5)
- Low crosstalk, low afterpulses
- Low voltage (VBR=42 V typ.) operation
- High gain: 105 to 106
- Operates with simple readout circuits
- MPPC module also available (sold separately)

Package type Metal (TO-5)
Number of channels 1 ch
Effective photosensitive area / ch φ 3.0 mm
Number of pixels /ch 2836
Pixel size 50 μm
Spectral response range 350 to 1000 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 600 nm
Dark count/ch (typ.) 1600 kcps
Terminal capacitance/ch (typ.) 350 pF
Gain (typ.) 3.6×106
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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