Si PIN photodiode array


Dual-element, plastic package photodiode

The S3096-02 is a dual-element Si PIN photodiode molded into plastic package. Having high sensitivity and low noise, this photodiode has low crosstalk between the elements. Custom devices (with different element shapes, number of elements, characteristics and packages) are also available to meet you specific needs. Please feel free to contact our sales office.

-High sensitivity
-Uniform element sensitivity
-Low crosstalk
-Low noise

Number of elements 2-segment
Package Plastic
Cooling Non-cooled
Spectral response range 320 to 1100 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 960 nm
Photosensitivity (typ.) 0.58 A/W
Dark current (max.) 500 pA
Cutoff frequency (typ.) 25 MHz
Terminal capacitance (typ.) 5 pF
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, per one element (except for photosensitive area), unless otherwise noted,
Photosensitivity: λ=960 nm

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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