DA-type socket assembly


The C16138 series is DA type socket assemblies designed for metal package photomultiplier tube R9880U. A voltage-divider circuit and an amplifier are incorporated in the same package.

The photomultiplier tube's low-level, high-impedance current can be converted into a low-impedance voltage output. The C16138 series is compact and you can choose the product that best suits your application from the frequency bands of 200 kHz(C16138-01), 2 MHz(C16138-02) and 20 MHz(C16138-03).

Applicable PMT R9880U series
[Max. Rating] Supply Voltage for Amplifier +/-5.5 V
[Max. Rating] Supply Voltage for Divider -1100 V
[Max. Rating] Operating Ambient Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
[Max. Rating] Storage Temperature -15 ℃ to +60 ℃
Frequency Bandwidth (-3 dB) DC to 2 MHz
Current to Voltage Conversion Factor 0.6 V/μA (Load resistance 10 kΩ) / 0.3 V/μA (Load resistance 50 Ω)
Max. Output Signal Voltage +3.5 V (Load resistance 10 kΩ) / +1.6 V (Load resistance 50 Ω)
Offset Voltage Max. +/-2 mV (Load resistance 10 kΩ) / +/-1 mV (Load resistance 50 Ω)
Output Noise Voltage (rms) Typ. 1 mV
Supply Voltage for Amplifier +/-5 V
Recommended Supply Voltage for Divider ‐500 V to -1000 V
Divider Circuit Current Typ. 289 μA (at -1000 V)
Weight Typ. 4.4 g

Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

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