Photomultiplier tube module


The H11526 series is a photomultiplier tube module that allows gate operation. The combination of built-in metal package PMT and gate circuit makes this module compact yet still provides excellent characteristics: 100 ns minimum gate width, 10 kHz repetition rate. This module also contains a high-voltage power supply so that PMT gain can be varied by simply adjusting the control voltage. The internal protection monitor issues an error signal if high-intensity light enters the module.

There are two types of gate operation and they has own Type Numbers.
H11526-20-NN : Normally ON
H11526-20-NF : Normally OFF
Please see PDF catalog about the gate operation details.

Photocathode Area Shape Round
Photocathode Area Size Dia.8 mm
Wavelength (Short) 230 nm
Wavelength (Long) 920 nm
Wavelength (Peak) 630 nm
Dimension (W x H x D) 20.0 mm x 50.0 mm x 100.0 mm
Input Voltage +14.5 V to +15.5 V
Max. Input Voltage 16 V
Max. Input Current 60 mA
Max. Output Signal Current 100 μA
Max. Control Voltage +0.9 V (Input impedance 10 kΩ)
Recommended Control Voltage Adjustment Range +0.4 V to +0.9 V (Input impedance 10 kΩ)
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Min. 350 μA/lm
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 500 μA/lm
[Cathode] Red/White Ratio Typ. 0.45
[Cathode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 78 mA/W
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Min 350 A/lm
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 1000 A/lm
[Anode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 1.5 x 105 A/W
[Anode] Dark Current (after 30min.) Typ. 10 nA
[Anode] Dark Current (after 30min.) Max. 100 nA
[Time Response] Rise Time Typ. 0.57 ns
Ripple Noise (peak to peak) Max. 5 mV
Settling Time Max. 2 s
Operating Ambient Temperature +5 ℃ to +45 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ℃ to +50 ℃
Weight 105 g

Gate characteristics

Dimensional outline (Unit: mm)

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