Wide dynamic range PMT unit

H13126_C12918 series

This unit is capable of measuring light levels at one time over a wide dynamic range up to 8 orders of magnitude. This wide dynamic range is achieved by simultaneously extracting a digital output (single photon counting) for detecting very-low-level light and an analog output for detecting low light levels visible to the human eye.

Left : Wide dynamic range PMT module H13126
Right : Data acquisition unit C12918 series

C12918-A1:for JAPAN
C12918-A2:for USA
C12918-A3:for EU


Swift continuous measurement over a wide dynamic range

Up until now, measurement of light requiring a wide dynamic range has used two separate measurement methods: one for lower light levels and one for higher light levels.

Easy-to-use data acquisition unit

Single photon counting output and analog output of the wide dynamic range PMT module are transferred to a PC via USB connection, and the two types of signals are synthesized into one by the supplied software.


Wide dynamic range photomultiplier tube module H13126

Parameter Description / Value Unit
Effective area φ22 mm
Spectral response 300 to 650 nm
Peak wavelength 375 nm
Photon counting Output signal C-MOS positive logic (Pulse output) -
Pulse pair resolution 16 ns
Dark count (*1) Below 100 s-1
Analog (Amplifier output) Bandwidth(-3 dB) DC to 50 / DC to 500 (*2) kHz
Count-to-analog conversion factor 1 V / 5 × 108 s-1 -
Output voltage (Load resistance 1 kΩ) 0 to +10 V
Output impedance 50 Ω
Input voltage ±14 to ±15.5 V
Max. input current +150 / -25 mA
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +40 °C
Weight 400 g

*1: After 3 hour storage in darkness
*2: Change with the switch

Data acquisition unit C12918 series

Parameter Description / Value Unit
Counter Signal input level C-MOS positive logic (Pulse input) -
Gate time 1 μs / 10 μs -
Input impedance 50 Ω
Minimum pulse width 8 ns
Counter length 8 bit / Gate -
AD converter Signal input range 0 to +10 (Analog input) V
Sampling rate 100 kHz / 1 MHz -
Resolution 16 bit
Input impedance 1
Trigger Trigger method Internal trigger / External trigger -
External trigger signal TTL negative logic -
Interface USB 1.1 -
Compatible OS Windowss® Vista Business / 7 Pro -
Input voltage AC 100 to AC 240 V
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +45 °C
Weight 250 (Main body only) g

Typical spectral response



Block diagram

Measurement example

Afterglow characteristics of P43 phosphor

Dimensional outline (Unit mm)



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