Photomultiplier tube unit


H12397A-75 is an NIR-PMT unit using a compact NIR-PMT (near infrared photomultiplier tube) developed by our advanced photocathode technology. The NIR-PMT is contained in a thermally insulated sealed-off housing evacuated to a high vacuum. The internal thermoelectriccooler eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen and cooling water. The light input window of these modules use a condenser lens to provide a virtually larger photosensitive area allowing easy optical coupling. Adapters for connection to an optical fiber and monochromator are also available as options.
The H12397A-25 (InP/InGaAs photocathode) is high sensitivity NIR-PMT unit with spectral response range from 950 nm to 1700 nm.


  • High sensitivity
  • Built-in thermoelectric cooler and gate circuit
  • Low noise


  • Photoluminescence measurement
  • Singlet oxygen measurement
  • Atmospheric LiDAR


Spectral response



Transit time spread (T.T.S.)


Parameter Value Unit
Spectral response 950 to 1700 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 1500 nm
Photocathode material InP/InGaAs
PMT operating temperature -70
Guaranteed PMT operating voltage -500 to -900 V
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +40
Storage temperature -20 to +50
Max. average output signal current 1 µA
Cathode*1*2 Quantum efficiency Min. 1
Typ. 2
Radiant sensitivity Min. 12 mA/W
Typ. 24
Anode*1*2 Radiant sensitivity Min. 6 x 103 A/W
Typ. 2.4 x 104
Dark current*3 Typ. 0.8 nA
Max. 2
Dark count*3 Typ. 5000 s-1
Gain*2 Min. 5 x 105
Typ. 1 x 106
Time response Anode pulse rise time Typ. 0.9 ns
Anode pulse fall time Typ. 1.7
Transit time spread Typ. 0.4
Cooling method Thermoelectric (Forced air cooling)
Optical fiber Input connector FC connector
NA 0.37 ±0.02
Core diameter Φ0.2
Cooling time required for operation Approx. 60 min
Protection function High voltage interlock for inappropriate temperature
Controller rating Input voltage (AC) 90 to 264 (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Power consumption 100 VA
Weight*4*5 Main unit Approx. 2.20 kg
Controller Approx. 3.13

*1 At peak sensitivity wavelength.

*2 At -800 V input voltage and -70 °C operating temperature.

*3 After 30 min storage with cooling in darkness. (Anode radiant sensitivity 1.0 × 104 A/W)

*4 Including resistor box with BNC connectors.

*5 Including high voltage cable and control cable.

Dimensional outline (Unit: mm)

Main unit



High voltage cable

Control cable

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