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Pinhole detection unit

C12570 series


The C12570 series is a pinhole inspection unit designed to detect pinholes in laminate films and metal foils. Since non-contact optical detection is used, the samples being inspected are not exposed to stress from liquid or special environments such as electric fields, magnetic fields, and electrolytic solution.
The C12570 series uses a photomultiplier tube with high sensitivity that allows detecting tiny pinholes with high accuracy.

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Non-contact detection applies no stress or impact to workpiece

Detecting tiny pinholes with high accuracy

Using a high-sensitivity photomultiplier tube allows detecting tiny pinholes of a minimum of 2 μm in diameter at a maximum rate of 30 meters per minute, which has not been possible to detect by image sensor image analysis.

Pinhole determination based on threshold (any value) (*1)

Detection sensitivity and pinhole pass/fail threshold are adjustable to any value from front panel.

Self-diagnosis function

Checks detector operation to ensure high reliability of inspection results.

Safeguard circuit to protect the unit from excessive light

Includes a safeguard circuit that minimizes damage to the detector even when excessive light enters the unit.

Two types with different light source positions are available to match your application

NOTE:(*1) The quantity, size and positions of pinholes cannot be identified.

Detection principle

C12570 principle of operation


C12570 specifications

Application example

C12570 application example

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

C12570 dimensional outline

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