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USB interface compatible counting unit



The C13182-01 is a counting unit designed for high-speed light detection. A high-speed photon counter can be configured by combining this unit with a high-speed amplifier. This unit uses the double-counter method that has two counter circuits to allow measurements with no dead time.

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Ideal for photon counting using a high-speed photodetector such as a Hybrid Photo-Detector (HPD)
Count linearity: more than 5 x 107 s-1
USB interface allows high-speed data communication
Accurate measurement with no dead time (Double counter method)
Sample software bundled


Parameter Description / Value
Input Number of input signal channel 1
Signal input level +50 mV to +1.2 V
Signal pulse width 1 ns or longer
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Discrimination level +5 mV to +1.2 V
Max. count linearity more than 5 × 107 s-1 (random pulse, count loss 10 %)
Pulse-pair resolution 2 ns
Counter Counter method Double counter method
Max. counter capacity 28/counter gate (gate time 1 μs to 5 μs)
216/counter gate (gate time 10 μs to 1 ms)
224/counter gate (gate time 2 ms to 100 ms)
Counter gate Counter gate mode Internal counter gate only
Internal counter gate time 1 μs to 100 ms (1, 2, 5 step)
Trigger Trigger method Software / External trigger
External trigger signal TTL negative logic
FIFO capacity
2048 count data (gate time 1 μs to 5 ms)
64 count data (gate time 10 ms to 100 ms)
OS Windows® 8.1/10 Pro
Interface USB 2.0
Supply voltage +7 V / 750 mA (supplied from AC adapter)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 115.8 mm × 28 mm × 96 mm (excluding rubber feet and projecting parts)
Weight 240 g
Operating ambient temperature / Humidity +5 °C to +45 °C / Below 80 % (no condensation)
Storage temperature / Humidity 0 °C to +50 °C / Below 85 % (no condensation)
CE marking IEC61010-1, IEC61326-1 GROUP 1, CLASS B
AC adapter Input AC 100 V to AC 240 V
Output +7 V/ 1.6 A

Supplied: CD-ROM (containing device driver, DLL, sample software, instruction manual, etc.), USB cable, AC adapter (-A1: for Japan, -A2: for USA, -A3: for EU), AC cable, signal cable with SMA-P connectors, cables (red and black) with connector for discrimination level monitor

Count linearity



Internal block diagram



Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

C13182-01 dimensional outline



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