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Photon detection unit



The photon detection unit C13796 is a single photon counting unit that is designed for counting low light emission without special set-up. All users need to prepare the sample and a personal computer (PC) only. The USB interface built-in the C13796 allows simple plug & play set-up.
Six optional modular units (sold separately) are available. The users can select the best one meeting with the purpose/application. When combined with the optional modular units, the C13796 is ideal for various measurements.

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Bioluminescence, chemiluminescence

Food oxidation, antioxidant activity luminescence

Activated cell luminescence

UV-excited (UV LED) delayed fluorescence

ATP monitor with reagent

Other low-light-level measurements


3 times higher sensitivity than the previous model

Photon counting with high SN ratio

Low noise 50 s-1 (Typ. at +25 °C)

Built-in USB interface

Interlock function

Automatically closes optical shutter to prevent excessive light from entering PMT if sample compartment is accidentally opened during measurement.

Optical fiber (FC type) compatible

Built-in UV LED excitation light source

Light source wavelengt and Output power: 375 nm, 10 mW/cm2

Irradiation time: 0.1 to 3600 seconds

Reagent dispensing

Dispenses two types of reagents using syringe, pipette as a dispenser

CE marking compliance


Application examples

C13796 application example


C13796 Specifications

Setup diagrams

C13796 Setup diagrams

Dimensional outlines (unit mm)

C13796 Dimensional outlines

Optional modular units

C13796 Optional modular units

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