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UV power meter

C9536 H9535


The C9536/H9535 series are UV power meters that directly measure UV light at specific wavelengths. The H9535 (sensor head) uses a UV sensor (phototube) that ensures stable UV measurement over a long period of operation and is calibrated in combination with the C9536 (controller) based on national standards. The detachable sensor head contains a rechargeable battery for UV detection and data memory, allowing remote measurement such as on a belt conveyor or in locations where cable routing is difficult. In addition to external control via the RS-232C interface, an analog control is available for recording on a data recorder, etc.

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Absolute optical power monitorin (mW/cm2)

Sensitivity-calibrated data at each wavelength (172 nm, 222 nm, 185 nm, 254 nm) is supplied with the power meter. We also append a Certificate of Calibration.

Detachable sensor head / remote measurement

The detachable sensor head allows remote measurement on a conveyer belt of UV oven, etc.

Thin, flat sensor head: 14 mm thickness

Allows the sensor head to be used closer to a light source.

External control: RS-232C

The main unit has RS-232C interface for external control.

Stable performance at deep UV since no optical filters are used

Specific UV light can be directly detected without any optical filter.

Wide light incident angle

Acceptable light incident angle is close to cos θ, even without using diffusers.


Excimer lamp monitoring

Low pressure mercury lamp monitoring

UV light monitor

UV furnace (coating, adhesive, printing) / UV cleaning, UV sterilization / Improve surface characteristics



Sensor characteristics


Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)


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