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Infrared LED



Small emission spot LED using current confined chip

The L10596 is infrared LED with a microball lens cemented to the current confinement chip surface. This combination ensures narrow directivity and uniform emission. In particular, the L10596-02 uses a lens cap that delivers even narrower directivity. This combination ensures narrow directivity and uniform emission. The L10569-02 has a light-re ecting layer inserted between the emission section and the GaAs substrate, which increases the light output by 1.5 times that of conventional products.

- High radiant output power : 3.0 mW (IF=50 mA typ.)
- Uniform emission
- Narrow directivity

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Package Metal
Package Category TO-46
Peak emission wavelength (min.) 850 nm
Peak emission wavelength (typ.) 870 nm
Peak emission wavelength (max.) 890 nm
Spectral half-width (typ.) 35 nm
Radiant flux (typ.) 3 mW
Forward voltage (typ.) 1.6 V
Cutoff frequency (typ.) 15 MHz
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Emission Spectrum


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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