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UV-LED light source (Linear irradiation)

UV-LED light source (Linear irradiation)

Hamamatsu now offers UV-LED light sources (LC-L5G series) that are compact, lightweight and air-cooled, yet deliver the high power that has been a challenge for UV-LED light sources. These UV-LED light sources are available for various printers including inkjet printers.

pmt series

Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs)

PMTs suitable for applications that require high speed, low noise, and high gain. Our PMTs include bare tubes, assemblies, and modules offering a wide selection of photosensitive areas and spectral responses.

MCP (microchannel plates)

Microchannel plates (MCPs)

MCPs provide spatial information for detection and amplification of signals from electrons, ions, vacuum UV rays, x-rays, and gamma rays. We also offer ready-to-use MCP assemblies complete with electrode leads.

xenon lamp

Xenon & mercury-xenon lamps

Xenon lamps emit a continuous spectrum, ranging from the UV to visible to infrared, with high luminance and high color temperature. Our lamps employ a high-performance cathode, so they maintain a stable arc point even after many hours of use unlike conventional lamps. Ideal for photometric equipment such as spectrophotometers, and other applications where high-precision measurement lamps are necessary.

deuterium lamp

Deuterium lamps

Next-generation deuterium lamps that deliver the high stability, high output, and long service life required for spectroscopy.

Microfocus X-ray source

Microfocus X-ray sources

Microfocus X-ray sources specifically developed for 2D and 3D nondestructive testing. A small focal point prevents blurring of x-ray images and delivers a sharp, enlarged image.


Scintillator plates

Flat panel devices for x-ray imaging that can be directly coupled to a commercial CCD for real-time radiography. Suitable for a wide range of fields from industrial x-ray inspection to medical x-ray exams.

Stealth dicing

Stealth Dicing engine™

Stealth Dicing™ Process has now evolved to a practical level that makes it the next generation in dicing technology.