Our cameras are designed to deliver beautiful and reliably quantitative images even in the most demanding of applications.

Digital slide scanner is a family of whole slide scanners that convert glass slides into high-resolution digital data by high-speed scanning.

The universal streak camera C10910 series incorporates all of the specialized technology and expertise that HAMAMATSU acquired over 40 years of research.
The streak tubes are manufactured on a regular production schedule at Hamamatsu to provide consistency and reliability. Special requests and custom designs are also available.

The PMA-12 is compact spectral measurement apparatus that combines a spectrometer and optical detector into one unit.
An optical fiber is used. Because of the high sensitivity, spectra can be obtained easily just by bringing the optical fiber close to the sample in normal applications, without a special light collection system. Since the spectrometer and photo-detector are fixed, the PMA-12 is stable and can be used with confidence for long periods of time. The wavelength axis and spectral response characteristics are already calibrated, so spectral measurements can be carried out easily and accurately.

Quantaurus-QY was developed as a compact, easy-to-use system with a small footprint based on Hamamatsu's established C9920-02,-02G/03,-03G systems for measuring absolute photoluminescence quantum yields.
Operating this system is simple. Load a sample and press the start button to measure the photoluminescence quantum yields, excitation wavelength dependence, PL excitation spectrum and other properties in a short time.

Imaging systems for localizing low light photoemission and thermal signal emitting semiconductor failures.

High speed, kinetic plate imager for fluorescence / luminescence assays in GPCR / ion channel drug discovery field.

This system continuously and noninvasively measures oxygenation in the brain or other tissue in the body. Applications range from monitoring tissue oxygenation during surgery to clinical studies on brain functions.

Noncontact high precision thickness measurement systems utilizing laser interferometry and spectrum interferometry.