Color measurement using spectrometers Color measurement using spectrometers

Color measurement using spectrometers

Mini-spectrometers (micro series): Exceptional accuracy and portability in one compact package

A mini-spectrometer (micro series) combines an image sensor and optics into a single, ultra-compact package suitable for integration into a variety of devices such as printers, handheld color monitoring devices, and portable consumer devices. Despite their smaller size, these spectrometers still provide a complete range of information that is both accurate and reliable.


With our mini-spectrometers (micro series), designers can take advantage of the CIE standard wavelength coverage of 360-830 nm in a very compact space, making these spectrometers ideal for portable instruments. As with many of our products, some models may be customized to fit specific criteria or requirements of your project.

Mini-spectrometers: Comprehensive analysis for the most demanding specifications

Mini-spectrometers are small polychromators with optics, an image sensor, and driver circuit integrated into a compact case. Our mini-spectrometers are ideal for low-light-level measurement and come with sample software for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, and displaying graphs. We offer over 20 different types of mini-spectrometers covering the spectral range from UV to NIR.


For color measurement applications, we supply carefully designed spectrometers that provide complete, high-resolution spectral information. Mini-spectrometers are often implemented in complex applications with extreme specifications, as well as in multi-staged systems that require multiple subsystems. In particular, these devices are regularly used in highly detailed spectral measurement and LED inspection.

Recommended products

Mini-spectrometer micro series

The size of a fingertip, these mini-spectrometers are ultra-compact spectrometer heads. Both models are optimized for integration into mobile devices. 

Measurement example

A demonstration module with a built-in the mini-spectrometer Micro series was used to measure the spectrum of color sample. Because the Micro series is small, it can be mounted on various color measuring devices such as color adjustment of color printers and dimming of LED lighting.


Mini-spectrometer TF series

This mini-spectrometer series offers high sensitivity yet is compact and thin. It is suitable for integration into measuring equipment and is operated by USB bus power.

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