Color measurement using linear image sensors Color measurement using linear image sensors

Color measurement using
linear image sensors

Linear image sensors: Quality sensors with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range

Comprised of hundreds or thousands of individual photodiodes (pixels), linear image sensors offer more versatility than discrete detectors while capturing accurate spectral data. Our complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS), charge-coupled devices (CCD), and N-type metal oxide semiconductors (NMOS) image sensors are ideal for applications where a complete spectrum of color information is required.


When selecting an image sensor, we recommend keeping these key specifications in mind:

  • Pixel size
  • Number of pixels
  • Spectral range
  • Exposure time

It is also vital to consider what optical components and electronic circuits you will need to implement the image sensor into a color measurement system. In some cases, you can purchase image sensors without a window and mount your choice of optical filters or gratings. Most linear image sensors are analog output, so they must be incorporated into your electronics, or you can purchase evaluation boards from the manufacturer.


We provide a variety of image sensors including:

  • CMOS linear image sensors
  • CCD image sensors
  • NMOS image sensors

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